Why Should You Have an Emergency Dentist on Speed Dial?

When a dental emergency strikes, the last thing on your side is time. At the top of your priority list is getting a proper diagnosis and finding relief as soon as possible. One of the many bonuses of finding an emergency dentist in the North Shore is that they can offer treatment when it is most required.

Of course, nobody likes the pain that is associated with a toothache, but many dental emergencies are critical and need help from a dentist. Below are some of the reasons why saving an emergency dentist’s number on speed dial can be beneficial.

Fast treatment when you need it

Trauma from a sports accident or a motor vehicle accident can cause serious damage to your mouth, leading to knocked-out or cracked teeth. Such incidences require that you get the right treatment as soon as possible since it may mean either losing or saving a tooth. Having the number of a professional at the dental clinic on your speed dial list will ensure that your smile stays put!

Reduce the risk of developing infections

Broken teeth are different from some cosmetic injuries because the latter increases the risk of developing an infection that travels from the jaw, to the neck, and even into your brain. Leaving the tooth infection untreated also leaves you vulnerable to other health issues like heart disease, hepatitis, and cancer. Emergency dentists examine the injuries and offer antibiotics required to stop the potential side effects of various infections – other bonuses include access to appropriate pain medication to reduce discomfort.

No need to research while in pain

In the middle of a tooth crisis, the last thing you probably do not want to worry about is whether the emergency clinic near you has the right professionals. You might not even have time to search for the best “emergency dentist near me” online. However, if you already have contacts of a professional on speed dial, you already know where their offices are.

What should you do when an emergency strikes?

Taking control of the dental emergency in the heat of the moment has a significant impact on the overall outcome. When dealing with common dental emergencies, do the following:

  • Use warm water to rinse your mouth and remove foreign objects in the teeth.
  • Use a cold compress to manage the pain and swelling and never place an aspirin pill against the gums to reduce complications.
  • Seek immediate help at an emergency dental clinic in case your tool is completely knocked out.
  • Call the dentist immediately in case of a broken crown or you are in pain.

Choosing the best emergency dentist

The best time to start researching for an emergency dentist is now to allow you time to get acquainted with the services they offer. Gordon Dental is outfitted with a team of professional dentists that provide emergency dental treatments like orthodontic aligners, composite fillings and much more. Other bonuses of signing up with their services include regular dental services, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.