Pregnancy 101: Why You Should Be Doing Pilates?

First off, a big CONGRATULATION to you and your spouse!

Pregnancy will be the most wonderful and exciting 9 months of your life. There’s nothing more magical than having a tiny human (or humans) growing inside you. And it may be the time when you’re pampered like the queen you are and a lot of “nope, that’s bad for the baby” ideas including physical workouts. But mind you, prenatal Pilates is one of the best ideas to exercise while carrying a baby inside.

We’re not talking about your regular intense workout program back when you’re still on your own. No, we’re talking about the safest form of exercise for expecting moms,

Although pregnancy might seem like the best excuse you can have to give up on the gym, put your feet up and satisfy your pregnancy cravings, according to medical professionals, staying active during pregnancy is crucial for both your physical and mental well-being.

Here are some reasons why you should be booking a Pilates prenatal fitness class.

1. Train your changing body

With your body undergoing changes during pregnancy, some things will become a little challenging. These include coordination, endurance, and balance.

Pilates is all about creating these elements for a balanced body, something that is very important when having a growing bump.

2. Breathe control

Breathing is the primary focus of all Pilates classes. And this is a particularly useful thing for all pregnant women to learn since good air exchange is crucial for you and your growing baby.

As your belly grows, stiffness in your upper back develops which can restrict deep breaths. With prenatal Pilates, you can help maintain the flexibility in this area. Not only that, learning how to control your breathing is also crucial during labour.

3. Strengthening core areas

Although pregnancy is not the perfect time to start working on your abs, it is important that keep core areas strong throughout the prenatal period. And Pilates is the best low to moderate pregnancy exercise that can help strengthen these areas.

  • Gluteal and Stomach Muscle

Relaxin, a hormone released during pregnancy can cause the ligaments connecting your bones to become more flexible but making you more prone to lower back pain and pelvic pain. Strengthening your deep abdominal muscles with Pilates can help counter this laxity to reduce your risks of developing pain in your lower back and pelvis.

Not only that, but Pilates is also great at strengthening your gluteus medius, reducing pain in your SIJ (sacri-iliac joint).

  • Pelvic Floor

The hormonal changes during pregnancy plus the growing weight of your baby can weaken the muscles of your pelvic floor. Pilates can help strengthen this hammock of muscles sitting under your pelvis in order to support your bowel and bladder as well as reducing your risk of incontinence which could develop after or during your pregnancy.

  • Legs

Some women will experience leg cramps, fluid retention, and even develop varicose veins during pregnancy. By doing leg strengthening Pilates exercise, you can help reduce these risks and allow you to better hold and support your growing weight.

4. Maintaining a healthy weight

It’s normal to gain weight during pregnancy. But, if you put more than the recommended weight, then you will be at an increased risk of gestational diabetes.

Doing a regular, low-impact exercise like Pilates can help control a healthy weight gain during your pregnancy.

Prenatal Pilates Moonee Ponds

If you want to stay fit and feel good throughout those nine months, look no further than prenatal Pilates. Book an appointment at now!