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Food For Life For The Hungry People Of The World

The world has enough resources to feed all, but there are millions of people hungry everyday. More than 820 million to be exact — roughly, one in nine people. Thankfully, there are kind hearts everywhere like FFL. The ffl meaning is Food For Life, a non-profit charity organization making a mission to feed the hungry around the world with good vegan food. Be the next kind heart to feed a hungry child today and tomorrow!

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Knowing More About FFL

Have you ever heard of FFL? Abbreviations have different meanings in a context. In this case, FFL stands for Food For Life, a charity that stands for feeding vegan food to the starving people of the world. With more than 200 affiliates, Food For Life, one of the children nonprofit organizations has reached the stomachs of hungry people in many continents. Most of these are in countries so badly affected with famine and food insecurity like Southeast Asia, Africa, Southern America and some Middle East countries.

The Hunger-stricken Continents

Type on Google of an ffl dealer meaning or FFL. The search results has more content on firearms rather than the feeding charity, Food For Life (FFL). There is less media coverage on the world’s 800 million hungry individuals. Though hunger is a global issue for many years already, the world leaders are showing little attention to the cries of the hungry — and the people with grumbling stomachs continue to grow in number.

Food For Life, as their ffl meaning implies, have seen so much of world hunger with their eyes. Here are situations of the continents of the world affected by hunger for many years:

  1. Southeast Asia – countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and the like are suffering from food insecurity due to corruption and poverty.
  1. Africa – African countries have suffered for a long time with the hunger affecting its citizens because of drought, poor crop production, poverty and climate change.
  1. Southern America – Latin American countries are having food insecurity problems because of poverty, corruption and poor local food production.
  1. Middle East – some Middle East countries are suffering from food shortage and insecurity because of the warfare occurring to them, corruption and poverty.

If you noticed, food insecurity due corruption and poverty is a big factor on the increasing the hunger felt by more than 820 million people. Budget cuts on health and nutrition, ineffective strategies on food production and insufficient action to combat climate change are also factors. With these countries getting unhealthy because of suffering, world organizations like Food For Life live up their ffl meaning that is they serve good vegan food essential for life. Vegan food is capable of feeding more people and is ethical against animal cruelty.

Be A Helping Hand

A lot of human aid and children’s charities are making an action towards ending world hunger. Food For Life, for example, is feeding 4 million vegan meals freshly served to the hungry everyday. Help them in feeding millions more. You can visit this link for more info:

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4 Benefits of Adding Foodservice Desserts to Your Menu

Want to add desserts to your menu but haven’t figured out how to perfect those pavlova cafe treats and other delectable sweet confections? Don’t let that stop you from expanding your food business. You can simply order ready-made products from a foodservice distributor.

pavlova cafe

Of course, make sure you are getting desserts from reputable bakers or pastry chefs like The Country Chef Bakery Co. in Queensland, Australia. After all, you want to maintain a standard of quality and impress your customers with crave-worthy sweet treats.

Ordering dessert products from a foodservice company can work to your advantage for the following reasons:

1. You can offer more variety

One way to attract more customers is to have a more varied and interesting menu. Including desserts is a good idea since many people crave for a sweet indulgence any time of the day. Plus, pastries, cakes, and other baked goods are perfect to pair with coffee or tea after or in between meals. If you offer these delicious delights which taste as good as pastry chef desserts, you can encourage your diners to stay even longer in your restaurant or café.

If you want to make your menu even more interesting or add your own twist, you can experiment with different toppings or add another element. For example, you can top your pavlova sheets with seasonal fruits, nuts, or syrups.

2. You can be consistent with the quality

Ordering ready-made pavlova cafe desserts from a reputable foodservice distributor can be an assurance that you are serving quality products. Well-known companies who have popular foodservice dessert lines have a reputation to keep. They will work hard to make sure their recipes are consistently delicious and sellable.

3. You can save on resources

Since you don’t have to do the mixing and baking yourself, you save on time and manpower on the service of dessert. There is no need to guess how much more of an ingredient to add to improve the taste or a need to hire a baker or pastry chef.

4. You can create new marketing schemes

There are so many creative ways you can sell desserts to attract more customers. For example, offer a pavlova cafe menu which includes a platter of a mix of petites to those who come in for afternoon tea. You can even work in a themed tea party once a month.

Another great idea is to offer sweet deals for a food package or bundle which includes a main course, a drink, and dessert. You can also set up a takeaway dessert service area where diners can order a yummy treat to go. This is a great option for those who want to enjoy a slice of pavlova or banana bread but can squeeze in only enough time to grab a sandwich during their lunch break. Buying their desserts in to-go allows them to indulge in a treat later in the day.

Choose Your Desserts Wisely

You don’t have to offer all of the favourite desserts. Think of which dessert products will best complement the other items on your menu or will go best with the theme or brand of your dining establishment.

Do you prefer to serve traditional recipes, or are healthy options the way to go? Do your values include selling food made from locally sourced ingredients? Know what you want to prioritise and factor in so you can choose a dessert menu that truly benefits your business. Visit